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Adventurethon Townsville 2017

Official Results can be found at www.adventurethon.com.au/events/townsville/results/

Overall 1st 2nd 3rd
Ultra Adventurethon Jarad Kohlar 2RAR Recon Rowan Crawford
Enduro Adventurethon Steven Francis Top Brand Chicks Adam Beale
Dirty Duathlon Luke Johnston Latino Heat Michael Tory
Taste of Adventurethon Marvin Baumeister Schoenian Head Banging Billy Goats David Vass
Junior Adventurethon Max Tory Sibling Rivalry Robbie Finmore
Category 1st 2nd 3rd
Elite ULT INV Jarad Kohlar Rowan Crawford Angus Rodwell
Male Open ULT INV Michael Pannach Robert Laporte Peter Spilsbury
Female Open ULT INV Elizabeth Dornom Karen Riley Tanya Laporte
Male Masters 40+ ULT INV Wayne Zahra Max Kadel Stevo Connell
Female Masters 40+ ULT INV Nikki Giles Quona Young
Male Grand Masters 50+ ULT INV Robert Smythe Justin McGann Paul Fletcher
Clydesdale Over 90kg ULT INV Niall Ivory Darren Waters James Harris
Team ULT 2RAR Recon Cue Tours Team Lean Fit And Mean
Male Open END INV Steven Francis Ryan Holdsworth Thomas Harte
Female Open END INV Bronwyn Sharp Rebecca Nahrung Brooke Clark
Male Master 40+ END INV Adam Beale Andrew Miller Matt Steinacher
Female Master 40+ END INV Lynn Mazza Amanda Gibbs Vicky Darwen
Male Grand Master 50+ END INV Trevor Brown Graeme Bower Damian Martin
Female Grand Master 50+ END INV Carol Honchin Cath Meng Wendy Bingham
Team END Top Brand Chicks Paddle Rum Ride Sucked In By Patti
Male Open DUO INV Luke Johnston Clinton Russell Stephen Byrne
Female Open DUO INV Peita Pearce
Male Master 40+ DUO INV Michael Tory Jeff Pearce Theo Kamien
Team DUO Latino Heat B & B
Male TASTE INV Marvin Baumeister Schoenian David Vass Matthew Kretschmann-Smith
Female TASTE INV Julie Wallace Alison Purvis Vicki Rains
Team TASTE Head Banging Billy Goats Sdk Supreme With Pineapple Cosu Crew
Male 13-17yrs Max Tory Robbie Finmore Lucas Guy
Female 13-17yrs Chelsea Smith Jahrah Pearce Briena Dean
Team 13-17yrs Wild Watsons
Male 8-12yrs Tom Doyle Tehano Guillien Thomas Dean
Female 8-12yrs Madeleine Wallace Kiera Wallace Ayla Savage
Team 8-12yrs Sibling Rivalry Three Amigos The Wilderpeople