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Forrest 3/6/10 Hour 2017

Category 1st 2nd 3rd
10Hr Solo Male Kevin Skidmore Pete Keach Hayden Muir
10Hr Solo Female Kate Penglase
10Hr Solo Male 40+ Jason Archer Fraser Marshall Theo Van Luenen
10Hr Solo Male 50+ Brett Wiltshire Eric Caesar Ray Blom
10Hr Solo Single Speed Male Craig Favaloro Matt (Joe) Anstee Scott Enwright
10Hr Male Pair FYTRC Juc Henrys PSychlz
10Hr Male Triple Team Fake Fitness
10Hr Male Team of Four TryhardMTB
6Hr Solo Male Scott Nicholas tyla windham Rodney Aitken
6Hr Solo Female Kim McCormack Katie Taylor Belinda Hadden
6Hr Solo Male 40+ Lee Floyd Brett Coleman Steve Thomas
6Hr Solo Female 40+ Sally Williams Anja Giese Vicky Jones
6Hr Solo Male 50+ Marty Grannas Richard Read Tim McGrath
6Hr Solo Single Speed Male Pierre Rehlinger Steven Sullivan Brett Kellett
6Hr Male Pair Who is Mike Batters Downhill Delights Valley Boys
6Hr Female Pair Willylocke Jane and Jen
6Hr Male Pair 40+ Boho Wild Boyz The Rehydraters BBBB
6Hr Female Pair 40+ Team Snazzy Razzy The Dirty Dutchies
6Hr Mixed Pair Pro by Name Not by Nature Ride Happy Like a Labrador 3777
6Hr Triple Team Intergalactic Proton Powered Electrical Tentacled Advertising Droids Team Glacial Advance 1 Team Glacial Advance 2
6Hr Triple 40+ Squidlips66 FIRED UP And then there were three
6Hr Four Person Team Brew Crew Untamed Turkeys Topbike TrueBrewCrew Mixed 4 Brew Crew Silvertops
3Hr Solo Male Tom Ovens John Davis Shane (Rupert) Stiles
3Hr Solo Female Jude Jonasson Jo Hand Anne-Marie Gut
3Hr Solo U19 Male James Goodall ryan jans Cooper Jessen
3Hr Solo U19 Female Lucy Read
3Hr Solo E-Bike Andrew Evans Sam Evans
3Hr Male Team Dad and Lad EZ Reevesy
3Hr Junior U19 Team Fast and Furious